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You can access a printable version of my resume here. Or as a pdf

You can e-mail me at


3D Software: 3ds Max 6 - 8, Terragen 0.9

Graphics/Layout Software: Photoshop 7 -CS, Illustrator CS, Quark Express Passport, InDesign CS, Dreamweaver, Nvu

Video/Animation Software: Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Express/Pro, Apple iMovie

Audio: GarageBand, Audacity.

Other: Windows 98 Through XP Pro, Mac OS 9 Through OS X 10.4, MS Office 2003, 1 and 2


Multimedia Interests: Page layout - pre-press, Graphic design, 3D Modeling, Photo and Video editing, audio production, Web design/development

Other Interests: Technology in general, Political and Current Affairs, Culture

About this site

As I'm sure you can tell this site is a portfolio of most my more interesting work from university and employment. It also shows some of my personal interestes and projects I have worked on in spare time. Which brings me to the specifics of this site...

Originally I had made an earlier version of this folio just in HTML as static pages, only using a bit of php includes for the menu and the footer. But my plan was to implement the site in an "inverse" manner using php in the future.

So in late 2007 I decided to re-build the site. Along with a cleaner visual refresh and a neater organisation of categories, I re-built the site to make increased use of php includes. So in this new version, instead of just including various individual page elements, I took the opposite approach and had the one page with the menu and layout, and php included the content of each individual page. This was partly to gain a bit of familaraity with php and also to aid in site modification at a later date.

To actually display different content and have links clickable the php server needs to know which page (of content) to sub into the layout page.  Also because the content is being replaced we have to have even the introduction page be subbed in.  Therefore the layout page is basically empty of content  (apart from nav items) if nothing were to be subbed in.  However, this would break the usablity of the site before it even worked... as you would first come to a page with just a menu, and who wants that....  So my solution was to force the site (server) to put in an introductory page when no variables (telling the server what content to include) were given.  This way when you go the site as normal it looks normal, and when you click on internal links it gives variables.  Inversing the page/content structure in this way also allows for a neat side effect: skins.

Originally the footer menu was made with a table with two coloumns allowing the copyright and menu on the same line.  However, recently I wanted to re-implement it in CSS.  So I've done that but included a link to the original version as a skin here. Of course the only way to see the difference would be to look at the source, in this example.

Go here to return to the original skin (default).

And recently I made a proper skin with a different colour scheme and buttons styles, called Night. Switch to it here.

Again you can switch to the orginal skin (default).