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Who am I?

I am Anthony Carrick - I am interested in technology, writing, and photography.

I have a Bachelor of Multimedia Design from the University of Queensland and recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, also from the University of Queensland, to further my IT knowledge and career.

I've set up this page to act as a "portal" to my various activities around the web and to showcase my skills and interests. I used some of favourite photos I've taken as backgrounds to each section. You can see a story of each photo at the "About The Photos" link in the bottom right corner.

Technology Projects

I have recently completed further qualifications in Information Technology from the University of Queensland. There, I learnt software and web development in Python, Java, PHP and C#, as well as database theory, use and development in MySQL and Oracle. I also studied computer networking, information security, and algorithms and data structures.

Of course, I've always been interested in IT anyway, and technology generally, hence this website and my technology blog, A Tech Witness.

Technology Projects

Here I discuss and show my university projects and I will document the progress of any new and ongoing projects.

Anthony Carrick's Technology Projects

Multimedia Design Portfolio

My original undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Multimedia Design also from the University of Queensland. I made a portfolio to showcase my graphic design and multimedia projects. I have kept it updated over the years with a few recent additions. Now, I'm mostly keeping it as an archive for interest.

My Multimedia Design portfolio

Github Code Projects

I'm using Github as my Git repository hosting platform for open source projects.

Some projects I have include a Chat Log Parser for Viber and Facebook written in Python, this website, plus my Unicode Character Stripper

My coding projects on Github


I am interested in writing and language. To that end I have a few personal blogs and I contribute to an leisure website. My personal blogs include a kimchi and Korean food blog, a technology blog, and a new blog where I write about non-technology projects or general thoughts in my life.

Personal Blogs

Adventures in Kimchi — my Korean food blog.

A Tech Witness — my personal technology blog.

Thoughts and Musings — my personal blog.

Weekend Notes

I also write articles for the Australian run leisure magazine Weekend Notes.

I write about food and entertainment venues, leisure activity ideas, and locations.

My Articles on Weekend Notes


I am an amateur photographer, interested in landscape, urban, and panorama photography.


My best photos are on Flickr.

I also try to geotag my photos where possible so the map view will display many of them.


I try to post my more professional type photos on @anthonycarrick.

I will also post on this Instagram account when I have a new Weekend Notes article available.


You can purchase some of my photos in various products over at my store on Redbubble.

I like to choose the appropriate product for the photos, so some are available in more formats and products than others.

Contact Me

If you'd like to contact me about my technology projects, photography, writing, or other purpose you can email me at

I would be interested in collaborating on technology projects, and am interested in further career opportunities in IT support, programming, and software testing.

My LinkedIn