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This page acts as a "portal" to more involved projects I've done either for myself or an assignment. It also lists projects that don't necessarily fit into the other categories.

XML/XSLT Experimentation

I do alot work with XML related technologies at my work, so I thought I'd try my hand at some basic (for now) XSLT transformation. This is a list of my computer components, their cost, and rating. The XSLT works out the total cost and average rating.

Internet Studies Essay - PDF Format

During Internet Studies (A subject at university) I wrote an essay about global communication across cultures and web site design. Note that I have edited it and improved the formatting since the original hand-in.

This paper provides an introduction to cross-cultural communication issues over the internet. It discusses various cultural issues that a web developer should be aware of and introduces the Cultral Dimensions first discussed by Geert Hofstede and relates them to web design."

Remo The Remote - The Remo Jump

This was an animation and 3d modeling assignment for Advanced Computer Animation. It is about a remote control for an AV receiver that has adventures jumping around the room. Music by Nick Skitz - Excalibur. Length 30 seconds. A version without the embeded movie is here.

Information Visualisation

Info Vis was about visualising information in an interesting way, that would make people more likely to watch it. This project was about presenting five statistics in an animation. Use this link if you don't want to automatically download the movie embed.

Multimedia Project 2 - Torque Game Engine Tech Demo

This was a final year project of our choosing as a group. We chose to build a technical demonstration of a game concept using the Torque Game Engine. My part was exporting models from 3ds Max to the game engine format, with some modeling and character creation. Other team members were responsible for scripting, other asset creation, and documentation.

Scripting Project 1

This is an early website I did as an introduction to scripting - particularly JavaScript with some PHP script. Note: this page will open in a new window.


Throughout my last year I've made and become interested in panoramas and QTVR. I've made a virtual tour of parts of my campus and a cemetery. This page highlights some of these.

JavaScript Random Password Generator V1.5

This is a simple exercise in JavaScript I thought I'd do mainly to keep in practise a bit with JS. Enter the length of the password you want to make and press Generate! Password.