Month: September 2017

Website updates from Google Chrome Lighthouse

Recently I heard about Chrome’s Lighthouse extension for auditing websites and web apps. Lighthouse analyses websites for a few key metrics and suggesting ways they can be improved if needed. These include:

  • Progressive Web app improvements
  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practises

While I don’t currently build web applications, I think it’s still a good test to use to find where improvements could be made, even so, I’ll learn something for the future.

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Posted by Anthony

Short Project: Chat Log Parser

I’m using Viber to communicate with someone, and we have many chats. So I looked into Viber’s chat backup capability. I found that Viber has two backups — one that you can restore, and one that you can email. It turns out that the email-able backup is actually in CSV. And so I realised I could parse it very easily with Python; and use a templating module such as Jinja2 or Mako, format it into an easy to read HTML page.

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Posted by Anthony in chat log parser