CSSE7030 – Introduction to Software Engineering

In my first semester back at The University of Queensland I learnt Python as part of a course called “Introduction to Software Engineering”. There were 3 assignments each more complex than the last.

Assignment 1

The  first one was a simple command line interface tool to help solve a puzzle.

A selection of the code:

Assignment 2

The second assignment served as an introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Model-View-Controller. Using the teaching staff provided GUI (View) our task was to implement the Model and some of the Controller.


Assignment 3

The third assignment proved the most difficult, but overall rewarding. It was to build a Python implementation of a breakout-style video game using the native GUI framework, TKInter. The teaching staff provided some helper code to handle collision detection and the math-heavy speed and direction control which was beyond the scope of the exercise.

Screenshot of the Third Assignment

Following is a sample of the code to save the high scores when the player looses or wins.