INFS7900 – Introduction to Information Systems

This subject at university provided an introduction to database design, use and retrieval. It started with the planning of a database using Data Flow Diagrams and Entity Relation Diagrams. Then from the planning stages completed it led into the conceptual implementation with entity to table mapping and normalisation ready for building. Finally we covered SQL from the basics select... from .... where to group by ... having up to the advanced use of nested queries for cross referencing.


The major assessment piece for this course consisted of a two part assignment – the first part within a group to design a database from an English description (Universe of Discourse) and individually build the database in MySQL. The second part consisted of writing SQL queries against both our implementation and the teaching staff’s implementation and comparatively analyse the differences in the resultant SQL queries against each structure.

Part 1 – ER Diagram

Part 1 – Mapping and Normalisation

Part 2 – SQL Queries and Comparative Analysis